CKP Mini

The CKP Mini is intended as a mini version of the full size CKP (Clod Killin Pounder). Everything has been scaled down to let you have a fun indoor experience using an Axial SCX10 as the base for many of the parts and smaller bodies such as the Tamiya Lunchbox and Tamiya Midnight Pumpkin which are closer to 1/12 scale. Wheels and tires are from a Tamiya TLT or two sets of the front wheels/tires from any of the Tamiya Farm Tractors.

CKP Mini Prototype Test #1

Today was the first day of testing a new product idea, the CKP Mini. The idea is that it is a direct swap of almost all the parts from an Axial SCX10. The only extra parts you would need to purchase would be a set of wheels and tires from a Tamiya TLT (or two sets of front wheels from any of the Tamiya farm tractors).

Posted by CK Designs on Saturday, February 18, 2017


The CKP Mini was intended to be created by taking the chassis kit we supply and then completing it with parts from an Axial SCX10. You will want the SCX10 to have the front 4-link option which is part #AX80043.  From the SCX10 you will need the skid plate, transmission, shocks, axles, link ends, and electronics and screws. Those items bolt directly to the CKP Mini chassis kit. You will then need to purchase the Tamiya wheels and tires mentioned above separately. We also offer kit options for adding Traxxas link ends as well as a full screw kit.

How do you get one?

We offer the CKP Mini on a pre-order basis only right now. The current pre-order ends March 31, 2017. After that date all the pre-orders that have been paid for will be produced and shipped to customers. At a later date we will offer another pre-order.