CK Pounder


The C.K.P. otherwise known as the "Clod Killin Pounder" started out as a simple design with a built in sway bar setup. It has been a continuous growth trying to create a chassis that has several options. It was first setup to run an Axial driveline from the Wraith. a sway bar setup was designed to directly mount to the Wraith axles and fit into the chassis at pre-determined points. The sway bar is a C.K. Designs setup working hand in hand with the Hesse sway bar which has been setup to fit the C.K.P. offering a fully functioning and scale looking sway bar.

Since the original design there have been a few minor changes made to accommodate other options. One change will allow the use of a machined lower link so that a link mounted suspension setup can be used giving even more performance and handling. Another change is the addition of shock mounting locations to allow for more axle choices. Now builders will be able to install other axles easily. Another change is setting the chassis up to allow the freestyle rc transmission to be installed without modifying the chassis. The idea is to have a chassis that can be custom built using a variety of driveline and suspension setups giving the best performing shafty truck on the track.