CKP Mini

CKP Mini

So a couple weeks ago you might have seen a little video of a white chassis mini monster truck running around outside. That was our prototype for the CKP Mini. The CKP Mini is intended as a mini version of the full size CKP (Clod Killin Pounder). Everything has been scaled down to let you have a fun indoor experience! (more…)

Wheelie Bar

CKP Wheelie Bar

I know some of you have asked about the wheelie bar that Curt runs on his CKP test truck. Curt custom made that but we have made a model of it and 3d printed a prototype. The 3d printed versions are available for $5 USD each but do not currently include the extra two cross members or the screws. 




Welcome to the home of CK Designs, maker of the CK Pounder chassis. C.K. Designs, (Clod Killin Designs), started with the idea to develop a full cage style race chassis for shafty trucks that could not only compete but even dominate the Clod Buster truck racing series'.

C.K. Designs is not at this time a full time business but rather a hobbyist who enjoys fabricating and rc monster trucks. Products are not always in stock, please be patient and keep an eye out for pre-orders and on the next run of chassis.