About Us

C.K. Designs, (Clod Killin Designs), started with the idea to develop a full cage style race chassis for shafty trucks that could not just compete but even dominate the Clod Buster truck racing series'.

The CK Pounder chassis is the first design to attempt to achieve this goal and has undergone a continuous evolution adding more and more features and flexibility. It is designed to use a multitude of axles and link designs as well as including swaybar options.

C.K. Designs is not run as a full time business currently. It is run as a hobbyist who enjoys fabricating and rc monster trucks. Products are not always in stock, please be patient and keep an eye out for pre-orders and on the next run of chassis. We are working on making a change to a "production on demand" model so when an order is made we can produce the ordered products rather than requiring large numbers of pre-orders. We expect that this change will be completed sometime in the first few months of 2017 and thank you for your patience.