Wheelie Bar

CKP Wheelie Bar

I know some of you have asked about the wheelie bar that Curt runs on his CKP test truck. Curt custom made that but we have made a model of it and 3d printed a prototype. The 3d printed versions are available for $5 USD each but do not currently include the extra two cross members or the screws. 

If you have one of the original carbon fiber or fiberglass chassis you will need to order a set of the 7x80mm link pipes. If you have an aluminum chassis you will need a set of the 7x85mm link pipes. Before ordering just be sure to measure the length of the crossmember pipes that you are using and order the same length. The kit contains 2 pipes and 4 spacers so all you will need after that is four m3 screws to mount the link pipes.

Coming Soon

In the future we will offer a complete wheelie bar kit as an option when ordering a CKP chassis kit or as a standalone kit. The kit will be available with 3d printed side plates or with aluminum ones. For now if you want a 3d printed set, please just contact us.